Saturday, January 28, 2012

My 256 Experience

This past Winter Break I observed in Long Island at South Side middle and high school. For two weeks I had the opportunity to be under the guidance of former Cortland Alum, Meaghan Healey. This unique learning experience really opened my eyes to what my future profession truly entails. I had the opportunity to see first hand what is involved in the daily tasks of a physical education teacher and the environment in which I will be placed. There were many aspects of the current status of physical education that were positive, but also there were some weaknesses. I had the privilege to observe during a very crucial time in the district’s physical education department. They were in the process of receiving a 1.4 million dollar grant from the state, going all to the physical and health departments. This will give them the opportunity to completely re-do their fitness center and big-screen monitors to be installed in the gymnasiums. This will instill motivation and passion in the student’s attitude towards physical education. I got to see all that was required to do in order to receive the grant, including pedometer’s tracking students step count for a week and daily activity surveys. I was shocked how much their administration cared about physical education. I also had the opportunity to work with the school’s adapted physical education program and even lead a couple of warm-ups with them. This experience really got me prepared for 356 and introduced me to working with students with special needs. In this sense, my host teacher was a real role model for me. She amazed me at how well she worked with the adapted students and how much they respected and cared about her. I wish to one day exemplify her enthusiasm and passion.

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