Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fagbug comes to SUNY Cortland

Today I had the privilege of attending an event on campus called ‘Fagbug.’ My roommates and I saw the car a couple of years ago at the Carousel Mall in Syracuse and had no idea what it was. When I saw the car on campus today, it unfolded a very interesting story about a girl named Erin Davies. Erin Davies drove a VW bug with a rainbow sticker on the back window. One day the Albany, New York student got to her parking space to find she was a victim of a hate crime. Someone had spray painted ‘ur gay’ and ‘fag’ on her car. Instead of removing the graffiti, she decided to keep driving the car to raise awareness. And that she did.

Fagbug is the documentary film Erin made about her cross-country trip driving the car to different communities, creating discussion about hate crimes and homophobia. Erin talked to all kinds of people along the way, encountering people who may be anti-gay, and finding all kinds of people who would like to help her. Eventually, the Volkswagen company sponsored the car, and the graffiti was replaced with a rainbow paint-job that can now be easily distinguishable as the ‘fagbug’. After a year of driving around with barely enough money to make it to the next town down the road, She found out HD Radio was going to pay for the completion of her documentary. HD Radio also helped her send the documentary to film festivals, she said. Her documentary is now available on DVD and shea has continued touring in the Fagbug. She speaks to students and others about her experience in the hopes that she can teach audiences a different way to deal with life’s bullies.
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