Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hardcore Parkour

Parkour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A very unique method of movement, parkour will be a very new and fun discipline that can be implemented into the physical education program. Parkour is a beneficial activity for kids of all ages and if taught correctly it can safely teach children how to further control their body and it’s movements. Because there is no defined movement, or specific rules or guidelines to traversing obstacles, every obstacle you face is going to be different so you are going to traverse each obstacle differently. You may have to vault, jump, leap, climb, or scale the object, but each time it will be different. So, if this were to be incorporated into a physical education program, it would be harder to assess. It would be similar to a gymnastics unit where students learn to safety roll and do different vaults while emphasizing having more control of their movements in situations that they can’t control. Little kids are always falling and getting hurt and learning how to control their movements can be very beneficial. Parkour requires an individual to develop their own styles using creativity and self expression, which is why it would be beneficial to have students create their own routines that could be assessed using a rubric. It is important to stress to students the difference between parkour and free running, which involves flipping and rotating, where Parkour does not because they are not efficient movements. I hope to see parkour in future physical education programs.
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