Friday, March 9, 2012

My Coaching Experience

Three years ago I coached a 5th and 6th grade soccer team in Cortland, NY for about 8 weeks.  During this experience I learned many things.  My coaching experience was both challenging and rewarding.  Volunteering my time to give these kids a physical activity to do after school was probably the most rewarding part.  Three days a week after school the kids would come dressed and ready to play some soccer.  Each practice I brought in a practice plan and worked on a variety of basic soccer skills with the players.  Throughout the eight weeks of coaching I noticed significant improvement in many of the kids.  This was very inspirational to me that these kids came to learn and listen and were excited to play.  It was a very rewarding experience for me to know that I had an impact on these kids.  We had games once a week and this was also learning experience for me.  Coaching this team was the first team of any sport I have ever coached so I had to learn on my own as the season went on how to coach.  It was challenging at first to figure out which kids played what position and making sure they all got equal playing time.  It was difficult sometimes because the kids would complain if they had to play a position that they didn't want to.  But most kids after playing a position they were not comfortable with, told me they ended up enjoying it regardless.  Overall I enjoyed my experience as a coach.  The kids I worked with were great kids and I would like to do some sort of coaching in the future.  

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