Saturday, February 4, 2012

GLBT students

As a future teacher I must ask myself ‘how should classrooms best be organized to meet the needs of different learning styles?’ Some people argue that boys and girls should be separated in schools because of their learning differences. It is my job as a teacher to not stereotype my students, but instead use helpful generalizations that might open my eyes to how different groups might learn.  There is no absolute distinction about boys and girls different learning abilities, so I must appeal to all my students by using a variety of styles. A negative aspect of today’s school practices is that they view their schools as being heteronormative, which is the assumption that all students are heterosexual. What they must realize is that outlook is totally irrational and old-fashioned and that students can either be gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. There are many different responses to GLBT students. There are schools, which prohibit homosexuality all together, while other districts provide neutral gender bathroom and even locker rooms. It is my responsibility that all my students are respected regardless of their individual differences. I must provide a safe place for all my students and create a nurturing environment where every student is welcomed.
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