Sunday, February 19, 2012

PhenomLINal Effects on Diversity

I have never been a huge fan of basketball nor can I even say that I have watched an entire game on TV, but today I, along with the rest of New York, was completely encompassed by the New York Knicks brand new pointguard Jeremy Lin. It is safe to say he has made a huge impact not only in the basketball world, but in the culturally diverse society that we all live in.Today alone he became the first player to score 28 points 14 assists and 5steals against a reigning NBA champion team. This is not the only thing thatmakes his story truly unique. A significant part of Lin's image is his racialheritage. His parents migrated from Taiwan to California, where he was born and raised. So, he's not just a sudden basketball star; he's also the NBA's firs tAsian-American star. Unfortunately, in today’s society, Asian American’s were very seldom seen in American professional sports, there were a few here and there, but Jeremy Lin has definitely had an impact on that perception and the stereotypes that exist. He has caused an uproar in the Asian American culture and can truly be an inspiration for those to follow in his footsteps. He has broken free of the stereotypes and the negative perceptions, causing a state of“Linsanity” in American basketball. However, I believe that once a game starts, none of that should matter. Sports can be seen as an ultimate equalizer, and race should be irrelevant. You can either play the game or you can't. But withthat being said, it is human nature to question something that hasn't been done before.
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